Atlas Zelos: New customs platform facilitates data exchange

19. Dec 2019

According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, Germany has the most efficient customs clearance. This puts German customs in first place, ahead of Sweden and Japan. The Customs Administration has developed the new ATLAS-ZELOS IT system to ensure that this remains the case with the continuing increase in clearance figures. The development of ZELOS is part of the Federal Government’s Digital Administration 2020 programme to become more effective, transparent, accessible, citizen-friendly and business-friendly.

ZELOS in ATLAS Release 9.0

Atlas Zelos: Customs Platform for Document Exchange

From 2016 to 2018 alone, according to the General Customs Directorate, clearances increased by 33.9 million. In order to be able to handle these increasing clearance figures efficiently in the future, Customs has provided for a central exchange of documents, enquiries or opinions in ATLAS Release 9.0. The new platform is called ZELOS (Central Exchange of Documents, Requests or Comments). With ATLAS ZELOS, documents can be transmitted without media interruption in the future. This saves time and resources on both sides.

We have compiled more about ATLAS ZELOS in our “dbh Knowledge: What is ATLAS-Zelos?” for you.

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