Customs & Trade Compliance Congress 2018

14. Sep 2018

For the first time, dbh Logistics IT AG participated Thursday, 11 October 2018 as exhibitor of the annual national Customs & Trade Compliance Congress 2018.

Like every year, the 13th edition of this event took place at the World Trade Centre in the Rotterdam. For the first time, the Customs Congress was organised in combination with the (new) Trade Compliance Congress at the same location.

The congress was organised by SDU (publisher), Customs Knowledge (Customs expertise and – lawyers) and Evofenedex (branche organisation for shippers and exporters). Main topics at the Customs Congress were issues around Brexit, e-commerce and all kinds of developments within the area of customs and trade control. Chairman of the day Roelof Hemmen guided all participants through the day program.

As newcomer at this trade fair, dbh was present as exhibitor /sponsor with a very professional booth in the central hall of the WTC, according to crew and some of the established suppliers.

According to Suzanne Eijkmans of SDU, 406 attendees visited the Customs Congress & 75 people the Trade Compliance congress.
dbh booth crew existed of Karin Hoogvliet, supported by Horst Mantek. Hoogvliet: ‘We worked together seamlessly and proactively spoke with quite a number of potentially interested companies in dbh software products like Advantage Customs and Advantage Compliance. Moreover, the fact that we were present as exhibitor contributed effectively to dbh’ growth in brand awareness and expanding its position in this highly competitive market.

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