Customs and international trade

Our products for customs and international trade are excellently suited for international trade thanks to standardised interfaces and certified software. All modules are also available as easy-to-integrate SAP plug-ins and can be implemented directly into existing SAP systems.

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  • Customs clearance: all customs procedures in Europe with a single interface. A local customs solution is also available for the Netherlands.
  • EU declaration form: create and send entry and exit summary declarations in the required country-specific format.
  • Supplier’s declaration, preferential calculation and origin of goods: easy and convenient management of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) and incoming and outgoing supplier’s declarations.

Learn how your customers benefit from customs solutions

  • Philip Morris GmbH: Automatic activation of customs processes for import containers – Advantage information customs status containers
  • Infraserv Logistics GmbH: Customs Handling of Dangerous Goods – Advantage Customs