SAP Software

As a service partner of SAP, we provide software extensions to easily expand your SAP system with new functions. These SAP plug-ins can be implemented directly into existing SAP systems. In addition, dbh’s SAP consultants are ready to help you optimise your trading and logistics processes.

Our SAP expansion software supports your processes in international trade, customs, and trade compliance management, and helps you take advantage of tax benefits.

Learn how you can benefit from our SAP solutions

  • Import and export of goods – automation of electronic handling of imports and exports
  • Monitoring documents – create your common relevant documents with free text instructions
  • Origin of goods and preference calculations – monitor incoming and outgoing supplier declarations and show the status of messages in your SAP ERP
  • Screening sanction lists – check if your business relations are on the existing sanction lists
  • Tariff classification – monitoring and transfer of materials to easily identifiable correct Customs tariff codes
  • Export control – check business objects such as SD orders or MM orders by type of use (normal, dual-use or strategic/military goods), and by final destination (FTA/partisan, partial embargo or embargo country) Import certificate – create your import certificate with an appropriate plug-in directly from SAP.
  • VAT number inspection – compares the data stored in SAP with the registered business data in the corresponding EU Member States
  • EMCS – enables the handling of transport of goods subject to excise duty

Take a look at some examples of successful integration with SAP

  • AL-KO Kober AG – SAP plug-in for data exchange between the SAP and compliance systems
  • Seiko Instruments GmbH – SAP plug-in for systematic export monitoring